Partial list of artists...
Bec & Sebastian (M)
J Holiday (P/E/W/I)
Jasmine Trias (P/E/M/W/I)
Mr. Rally (M)
Natalise (P/E/M/W/I)
Stormy Strong (P/E/M/W/I)
Dahrio Wonder (P/E/M/W/I)
Backstreet Boys (P/W)
Christabelle (P/E/M/W/I)
Lissa Wassabi (W/M)
Kaila Yu (P/E/M)
Bobby Beams (M)
Blais (P/E/M)
Gemini (M)
J.Davinci (M)
Lil Bitty (M)
Mr. Rally (M)
B Soulz (M)
The Deep (M)
Corey Action (P/E/M/W/I)
Janeska (P/E/M/W/I)
Cyssero (P/E/M/W/I)
Nu Jerzey Devil (M)
Alvendia (P/E/M)
Yvette (P/E/M/W/I)
Dawn (P/E/M/W/I)
Sheen (P/E/M/W/I)
Admit 2 (P/E/M/W/I)
J. Ranjit Stanley (P/E/M/W/I)
C-Style (P/E/M/W/I)
Martial Anney (P/E/M/)
Modrec (M)
J.S. Ingram (P/E/M/W/I)
The Boogie Patrol Express (P/I)
Here In Arms (M)
Rozzi Crane (P/E/M/W/I)
BabaYaga Mussorgsky (P/E/M/W/I)
Doug E. (P/E/M/W/I)
Balou Tha Sasquatch (P/E/M/W/I)
Joy (P/E/M/W/I)
Miss Daisy (P/E/M/W/I)
Monica Andrews (P/E/M/W/I)
Ted Czuk (E/M/I)
Renee Sebastian (P/E/M)
Truth (P/E/M/W/I)
Katrina (P/E)
Keith Moore (M)
Jody Whitesides (P/E/M/W/I)
Messhall (M)
P=Produce E=Engineer M=Mix W=Write I=Instruments

Partial list of record labels...

Partial list of film/tv...
Dodge Motors
Discover Card
MTV Networks
Bunim-Murray Productions
Epitome Pictures
Blueprint Entertainment
U.S. Dept. of Immigration
"The Oprah Winfrey Show"
"Degrassi: The Next Generation"
"Real World"
"The Best Years"
"Yo Momma"
"My Super Sweet Sixteen"
"Road Rules"
"Meet The Kardashians"

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IK Multimedia